Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Hoffman Winning Placement!

I just got word that my entry this year to the Hoffman Challenge, 2012 has placed Honorable Mention!!!


  1. Oh my! Congratulations! I saw photographs of these and thought they were just wonderful!

  2. Thank you very much, Rhissanna! I can't wait to see their official photo... When I do, I will post it here. They take way better photos than I do :-D

  3. Congratulations, Dallas! What an exquisite work of art you have created! The dolls encompass the look of fine china figurines as well as the warmth of fabric. That's remarkable. I truly enjoy the haughty expression on her face and the tilt of her head, and of course your craftsmanship is superb. Well done!

  4. Thanks so much, Anonymous... Although I have a good idea who you are... your comments are so appreciated and as usual, you nailed the effect I was trying to accomplish!

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  6. Thought you'd like to see the Judge's Notes:

    Here they are quoted:

    "Sculpting and facial painting are absolutely exquisite! Costuming is very historically charming. Stuffing of the hands could be
    a bit more smoother and slightly more fiber fill to give it more dimension to the fingers. Particularly in her legs, the skeletal
    structure could be more firm to give more stability. Stuffing on his legs may benefit from a smoother stuffing. Base could
    have more dimension to give more stability. Posing of the whole character just tells a story all on its own! Just beautiful!
    Hair is beautifully styled on both dolls."

    Just goes to show, I knew I 'cut corners' in the stuffing because of all the anxiety due to my recent loss. I just did NOT have the patience for it... so live and learn. At least
    I got the painting critique of last year down pat.

    See how essential critique notes are?