Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to make the Prim Boutis Hanging Angel Vase

Here's the promised basic method of how to make the little prim vase I demonstrated at Day With Dolls. To recap, the reason I chose boutis for her wings is so they look ethereal when they are hanging in a sunny window with either some fresh flowers or a slip of a plant you wish to root.
I used handkerchief linen linen from the linen store I listed on your wing pattern sheet because it has a nice loose weave that is also quite transparent to get the blunt tapestry needle that is laced with the double yarn in between the two layers without too much difficulty. Using a yarn threading aid is useful for this project and that item is also listed on the pattern sheet I passed around.
I am going to list a series of photos showing how to make this item. It uses a cleaned dish soap bottle (use a glue remover like Goo Be Gone to get the residue off after soaking the label) some wire for the armature, special cut out pouch to eventually be able to hold the live flowers or plant slips and a little sewing for her skirt using french seams and a bit of puffery to fill her arms and head. I cut out the opening in the skirt after she's all done and just cast off the raw edges so that it aligns easily with the precut hole in the bottle.
I am sure that with your experience as doll makers you will easily see how this all works and feel free to make your favorite head and arms. I demonstrate a prim method which I felt lent a certain whimsy to the project! After you are done, secure a strong enough hanging cord, fill her with water and put in your desired flora! Have fun!


  1. Hey Dallas
    I just bought a book on boutis and am intrigued to try it.
    It was great meeting you last weekend.
    Thanks for introducing me to this!
    Donna May

    1. You are welcome, Donna May, I hope you have as much fun with it as I do. It was terrific to meet you!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Dallas!