Monday, December 14, 2015

A new project

This is an example of boutis, a new-found method of figurative fabric art that has captured my imagination and I will be doing a lot more of these! Boutis is an old-fashioned way of adding dimension to fabric that is meant to be back lit (as in a window) to show the outlines and shadings of the surface. It's a form of quilting in that two layers of fabric are stuffed inside compartments made with stitching. This example is made with 100% gauze linen and filled with wool yarn thread by thread with a tapestry needle. Her outline was done by me using a drawing I did on my free-motion sewing machine with #50 quilting thread. I'm kind of taken with her. I hope you are, as well.
I plan to add a border to her filled with loose balsam. I think she will make a lovely ornament year-round, too.
This is what she looks like with the back lighting.