Tuesday, June 17, 2014

At last! this year's Hoffman Challenge entry: "Butterfly Kisses"

This year's fabric could have been interpreted a zillion different ways, but I decided to distill it down to a very limited palette. Butterfly Kisses is 16 inches including the stand. Her face is silk gauze over clay painted with acrylic paints and water color pencils. Her hair is Lincoln mohair applied in wefts and glued for security for her travels if she is selected to travel. The fabric of her sleeve caps and the bodice is a not so obvious motif in the challenge fabric that I fussy cut out and flocked. The butterflies are double-faced from the challenge fabric and so secure in their fastening with upholstery thread that I could pick her up by each butterfly! So they are secure for traveling, if she is selected. The top ruff is 52 inches of ribbon (an amazing fact) and each skirt is 44 inches in circumference (another amazing fact). I think I really like how she came out.