Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank You to The Empire Quilt Fest !!!

Welcome to all those linking here from The Empire Quilt Fest... I am very happy to have been selected as the Special Exhibit in your show! I have some exciting things to share in the next month, so keep posted. I invite you to join my blog as a follower! There's a Doll Give Away in the works!!!!


  1. your dolls are so unique. I have two granddaughters that just love dolls. So do I! I would love to win for myself and pass down when I am gone to my granddaughters.

  2. thank you, Wanda, and good luck!
    I hope to see you at the show!

  3. Dallas,

    I was very lucky when you had asked me to watch your booth for a short time. I was able to really admire your beautiful dolls! Your dolls have a spirit and wonderful expressions that seem to talk to you. I do agree with you that this doll you are giving away, which I would find so difficult to do, reminds me of the Wild Thing! She was right when she told you how to dress her! I would love to have her in home! Thanks for sharing your work it was really nice eye candy!!! Bonnie

    1. aw thank you so much, Bonnie!!! It was a pleasure to meet you! Thank youy for your encouraging words, music to my ears... or.. in this case, 'eye candy'! xx Good Luck!