Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Doll Baby

"Doll Baby" is a 'healing doll' made for my sister in law, Shelly, and is based upon my late husband, James' baby photos. I used my husband's hair (he was vain of his long, beautiful hair and wanted me to have it for my doll making) and a pair of my husband's pajamas to make the boy's clothing. His name comes from what my husband called me and what my sister in law's father called her: "Doll Baby". Description: He has silk gauze over my own modeled paper clay mask attached to a weighted stuffed cloth head and body. He is a life-sized newborn 19 inches long and weighs 6 lbs stuffed with alpaca and glass seed beads. His body is my own design and his cloth over clay face is done similar to the method Susie McMahon uses. He has a watercolor face, eyes and body, varnished for archival purposes, human hair felted on and wired hands which can be posed to grasp your finger. He can sit and has loosely jointed limbs so he has movement like a very young baby.


  1. He is wonderful, Dallas, just extraordinary. He is gorgeous and I think he looks like a real little person. Your sister-in-law will receive a very healing doll. I wish you were keeping him.

  2. Oh thank you, Simon. I just saw this post. My sister-in-law adores him. He was made just for her and after I made him, I did carry him around for about a week just like a real baby. He's very cuddly.