Saturday, December 1, 2012

Here's a 10 inch 'hanging doll' ornament I completed for the Art Dolls Only November Challenge.
She's a cloth body with a silk over clay hand painted  face with Lincoln mohair for her hair and wings you can barely see in this photo.  Various silk velvets and lame` and chiffon, tulle and ribbons make up her costuming.


  1. Another very interesting challenge. Certainly would love to see her in person. LOL! Not to copy~just admire. Fabrics sound so interesting. Silk over clay, I have not heard of before.

  2. thanks so much, Mary Ann and Ruthanne ;-D

    ruthanne: I use a silk gauze cut on the bias to fold and glue onto
    the paper clay. You can see the process down my blog on this page: You'll see it's a bit of a challenge, but the result is quite like porcelain bisque. Enjoy trying it!

    1. Thanks Dallas, I will give it a try.