Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucille wanted to know the secret to the cloth over clay face...

It's the extra dark & intense 86% cacao, baby!

Seriously, I know I'm almost done with the sanding when the little point and shoot camera 'frames' the face on a close up... lol.

You'll note the tacky glue and the silk  gauze for the overlay, Lucy... oh, and her little disembodied hand grabbing her intended hair... some lovely Lincoln mohair from some happy sheep at The Black Sheep in Ohio, USA!


  1. Dal, You make everything sound so easy when I know for a fact that not everyone can do the beautiful job on those gorgeous dolls that you can create. I do really appreciate explaining the procedure to me though! It is really facsinating to see the process.

    1. You're welcome, Lucy. I'll be posting one a day, until I just can't anymore to ruin the surprise on
      April 26. :-D