Friday, April 27, 2012

Here she is in her Ugly Fabric Challenge clothes...

We were given a yard of "Ugly Fabric" to use in a challenge, so I, of course, made a doll, which I showed all along here so far but could not show her 'done' until now.

She's 15 inches sitting, holding her very own prim baby doll, on her miniature quilt which has 256 nickle sized squares, hand quilted, too.  I truly must be nuts.


  1. She is just so cute! Too bad the young girl that you sketched can't see her now. By the way, that fabric is definitely NOT ugly!!

  2. Thanks, Lucy ;-D I put the remaining portion of it into my Japanese Taupe collection... it's positively beautiful with those colors.

    and I agree, too bad the cutie I drew can't see how
    she was an inspiration.