Wednesday, April 11, 2012

After a bit of yips, the silk gauze is mainly on

At least the parts I want to show ;-D, and plus my cam's stick wasn't cooperating and I needed to rely on the internal memory of the cam.  [Sure...] But, yes..
and here's the steps up to turning the neck which does get messy using this method
but neat enough when the wig is put on and the loose fabric flaps are sewn neatly.

I put on a layer of tacky glue and spread it with a brush... a GOOD one... so it will NOT leave hairs.  Then, determining the bias of the fabric going up and down on the exact middle of the face like a diamond square of fabric, I start pressing it in with a combination of tools and clean finger... you'll note that parts of the fabric are not adhered in some of the photos -yet-.  Manipulation and the tendency of silk to suck up tight as it dries mainly takes care of this problem.  And, I'll admit, lots of practice with some fails!

You will note the silk has already tightened in the short time it took for these photos to be taken... I have no doubt now the neck is turned she will turn out fine!

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  1. One more thing I wanted to add is, I like using the silk gauze because when it is ready for decoration and finish, the silk does feel like bisque porcelain to the touch. Also note this is a woven fabric and much sketchier than say a thin cotton tee shirt material to apply.